Buy Cheap Insurance Online

For the best options and deals, travellers should buy cheap travel insurance online.

The Internet has made it staggeringly simple to compare companies and travel quotes and to find cheap travel insurance. For those who take their time to shop around, there are some great bonuses to be had on international travel insurance. Australia has a number of insurance companies that operate online. for example, specialise in backpacker insurance, with cheaper across the board prices.

Benefits to Purchasing Online:

* Value for money: almost all travel insurance companies will charge around 40 – 60% less than a travel agent. By purchasing online travel insurance, rather than over the counter or via the phone, cover is even cheaper and usually in the order of a further 10%.

* Ability to extend cover: With some online insurers you can extend your cover overseas if you are staying away longer than you’d anticipated. There is a case history on the DFAT smart traveller site that tells of a traveller who let his policy lapse with only days to go before flying home. True to O’Brien’s Law (O’Brien is the one who thinks Murphy is an optimist) this traveller was hit while crossing the road resulting in massive hospital and repatriation expenses. As he had no travel insurance his family was left with taking out a second mortgage.

* Instant cover: With Internet cafés scattered across the globe it’s comparatively easy to go online to renew. The online option is great for anyone who has committed the ultimate travel crime by forgetting to take out travel insurance which includes unlimited medical cover. Online cover can be granted almost immediately prior to departure and the policy land in your Inbox within minutes. In contrast, hard copies are usually also sent via snail mail.

iTrek say by operating online they keep their overheads much lower than many standard travel insurance companies, still offer above-average customer service and provide a variety of discounted rates for their customers.

iTrek suggest when comparing online, travellers should first and foremost look for a company’s track record and the level and reliability of the emergency medical component of their chosen policy. Last but not least, compare the policy wording for pre-existing medical conditions and policy exclusions with a fine tooth comb. You could even get a friend or family member to help you with this as it’s imperative you understand what it is you are covered for.

For the broader spectrum of travellers, the technology and opportunity to buy cheap travel insurance online is not only incredibly convenient, it frees up travel dollars to do more of what you love.

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